Top 5 Best Kitchen Items from Novelty Junkie to Upgrade to Easy Kitchen Living

Top 5 Best Kitchen Items from Novelty Junkie to Upgrade to Easy Kitchen Living - Novelty Junkie

Without Thinking of clicking "add to cart" on various non-essentials like, say, yet another pair of black socks, I will never bring myself to buy far-more-useful things for my home at a fraction of the cost. Why spend $4 on a kitchen supply or utensil I desperately need when I could buy the eighth pair of high-waist curve leg jeans?

Over years, I rationalized this attitude by telling myself I didn’t eat lunch at home usually enough to buy anything as indulgent as a saucepan or a paring knife. Then the pandemic situation hit. And then I turned twenty-five.

With a considerably less-rushed social calendar and reduced tolerance for nights out, I thought it was finally time to invest in the kitchen supplies I’d avoided purchasing for a long time. Ahead, the top five items that have transformed my approach to house kitchen.

5 Best Kitchen Items from Novelty Junkie

Here are the top 5 best Kitchen Items to buy in 2022 from Novelty Junkie:

  1. Suction Knife Sharpener
  2. Kibbeh Maker
  3. Magic Rubber Squeegee Broom
  4. Automatic Beer Bottle Opener
  5. Stainless Steel Adjustable Thickness Non-stick Cheese Slicer

1.      Suction Knife Sharpener

suction knife sharpener

This suction knife sharpener will quickly sharpen your blades and knives in just a couple of swipes from the sharpener. The sharpener is already set at 20 degrees to give a perfect precise edge continuously every time. The strong suction cup will keep your blade sharpener in fitness and allow you to sharpen the blades with one hand only. Handle used to activate and deactivate secure suctions so you will keep them in position or move them anywhere when required. It is small in size, but fast in sharpening your knives, the perfect choice to be carried out in the kitchen. Sharpens knives and blades in kitchen, anytime easily.

2.      Kibbeh Maker

Kibbeh Maker

This manual Meatloaf Kibbeh Maker Press Tool is made up of eco-friendly food-grade ABS plastic material. This Kitchen Cooking Tool for Making Fried Kibbeh has extra-high strength, also has premium corrosion resistance, and extra unique high-temperature resistance from which it is healthier and more durable. This Kitchen Cooking Tools for Making Tasty Kibbeh is an awesome helper for making meatballs easily. It is the best portable kitchen tool that brings comfort in making meatball dishes. The ball design in Kibbeh Maker helps to make exact round meatballs that are uniform and equal in size. You just have to fill meat in kibbeh maker and press. You are able to make 3 large filled or unfilled meatballs at once with this professional kitchen tool. It is best to make:

  • Stuffed Meatballs
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Swedish Meatballs
  • Fish Balls
  • Vegetarian Balls
  • Protein Balls or Fat Bombs etc.

Novelty Junkie meatball maker is also the best choice for cakes, pasta, ice cream, fruits, salads, barbecues, appetizers, etc.

3.      Magic Rubber Squeegee Broom

Magic Rubber Squeegee Broom

Due to its amazing and unique design, this magical broom is best for cleaning concrete, hardwood, wood, and tile floor without scratching any surface. This amazing broom comes with a unique stainless steel handle with adjustable length. The Foam floor squeegee is more than a foot wide, which helps to lower down cleaning time. And it results in quick finishing of house dirt cleaning. The versatile floor squeegee efficiently and perfectly cleans hard messes like water and pet hairs. It is an awesome choice for use on nearly any surface, to be used as a floor squeegee, liquid wiper, window squeegee, and much, much more!

4.      Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

Automatic Beer Bottle Opener

Now you are able to open a beer and wine bottles within no time with our extra-helping beer and wine gadget! It allows you to open a beer or wine bottle with a single hand easily. It is very easy to open a wine or beer bottle in just three steps:

  • Place the Bottle Opener on the bottle
  • Now, Press on the bottle
  • Boom! Pop the bottle cap

Amazing news for bottle cap collectors! Our Beer cap opener will not harm the bottle cap while opening it. Our bartender tool is light in weight thus allowing you to easily use it on a camping trip, traveling, party, or outdoor in summer to drink beer or in the kitchen. This bottle opener is really convenient and very easy to use. It is the perfect choice for bars or restaurants as a bartender tool.

5.      Stainless Steel Adjustable Thickness Non-stick Cheese Slicer

Stainless Steel Adjustable Thickness Non-stick Cheese Slicer

Stainless Steel Adjustable Thickness Non-stick Cheese Slicer is made from food-grade stainless steel material. It has never rust ability and is durable. This Cheese Slicer is good for your health. The slicer has non-slip handles. Perfect cutter for cheese or fruit because it cuts equally and uniformly. The non-stick cutter is able to get easily washed with water.