Top 8 Huge Trending Pet Products to Buy From Novelty Junkie in 2022

Top 8 Huge Trending Pet Products to Buy From Novelty Junkie in 2022 - Novelty Junkie

Get Huge Trending Pet Products for Dogs and Cats for Daily Use

Your pet is an important and happy part of the family. You always want to keep these lovely pets at their best. And as Novelty Junkie knows that, “there is more to dog or cat ownership than a daily bowl of kibble,” specifically when it comes to healthy and happy living and especially when you like spending extra time with your pets due to stay at home chores and work from home orders. As everybody aims to improve our lives in the upcoming year, don't forget your four-legged sweet family members. And yes, that applies to every pet like cat or dog in your life.

Here are some important things you are able to do for your sweet pets according to Novelty Junkie:

  • Grooming your cat or dog on a daily basis
  • Staying alert towards diseases and infections
  • Considering furniture which ensures pet safety
  • Pet-proofing your home

Moreover to the above guidelines, there is a broad universe of pet supplies that may improve the health, safety, and happiness of your pet. It ensures pets a little "thank you" treat for their long-lasting companionship. Below, we rounded up some of the best products for your pet from our platform, Novelty Junkie.

Top 8 Huge Trending Pet Products

Here are the top 8 Huge Trending Products to buy in 2022 from Novelty Junkie:

  1. Cat Couch Protector
  2. Interactive Talking Dog Buttons
  3. Safe Pet Nail Trimmer
  4. Three-Layer Waterproof Pet Dog Urine Absorption Pee Mat
  5. Paw Cleaner Cup
  6. Car Booster Seat for Dog
  7. Doggy Life Jacket
  8. Luxury Pet Bed

1.      Cat Couch Protector

Cat Couch Protector

Novelty Junkie Cat Couch Protector has a thickness of 0.1mm. It has the ability to tape to any type of furniture. Cat scratch protector will fully integrate into the inner decoration of the house. This furniture protector for cats is strong enough in front of cat claws. The cat scratch deterrent tape is able to get pasted in any corner of the furniture and is able to cut into any size. This protector is eco-friendly. And there is no harm if the cat licks the protector.

2.      Interactive Talking Dog Buttons

Interactive Talking Dog Buttons

Now, You are able to teach your dog, how to speak like Stella with these interactive dog buttons. Via these buttons, you are able to record specific orders for your dog. Pets specifically dogs are able to read our emotions. With these interactive talking dog buttons, you are able to build a higher level of communication with the dog. Teach your dog your orders or know the feeling of a dog with our Paw Teacher. Firstly you need to choose words to start with that your pet dog already has a liking with and that are things your dog really enjoys.

3.      Safe Pet Nail Trimmer

Safe Pet Nail Trimmer

Pet Claw Grinding is now the safest, easiest, most comfortable with this Pet Nail Trimmer. The veterinarians and pet grooming professionals recommended Novelty Junkie pet nail trimmer to trim your pet's nails anywhere. This Trimmer has a special feature of adjustable speed. You are able to adjust its speed from low to high. It has three ports that allow every pet nail trimming. Novelty Electric pet nail trimmer uses a premium type of motor with whisper-quiet technology that allows a very low vibration to keep the pet calm. And also helps pets' claws grind and trim faster and easier.

4.      Three-Layer Waterproof Pet Dog Urine Absorption Pee Mat

Three-Layer Waterproof Pet Dog Urine Absorption Pee Mat

Three-Layer Waterproof Pet Dog Urine Absorption Pee Mat is a live saver and has a high soaking capability. The Best Pet Pee Mat holds 8 cups of liquid easily and keeps the pet dry the whole night. Upgraded non-slip perfect rubber backing increases pet potty pads stay on the bed or floor easily. Puppies crawl easier on this mat. Just put it into the washer and wash warm to reuse it. It is stain-free and smells free which allows the happy sleep of the pet. After the pet's potty training through pet pee mats, you will feel relaxed leaving the dog alone at home while at work. Even for the whole 24 hours, the floor will remain mess-free.

5.      Paw Cleaner Cup

Paw Cleaner Cup

The portable paw cleaner cup is made of eco-friendly material which is

  • BPA-free
  • gentle
  • and effective

Silicone Bristles help in removing dirt and mud from your pet's paw easily and quickly. And there will be no harm to the pet fur. It will be dirt-free and protect your close companion. Add some amount of water to the dog paw cleaner. Insert the muddy and dirty pet paw. Twist the cup politely. Repeat about 5-times for perfect cleaning. Now use the towel to dry the sweet pet paws. The best pet paw washer would help you clean the mud, dirt, sand, etc after pet playing. In this way, you are able to keep the floor, car, carpet, sofa clean. Enjoy a dirt-free time with your pets.

6.      Car Booster Seat for Dog

Car Booster Seat for Dog

Our pet car seat is suitable for dogs, cats, and other types of pets. The pet car carrier is one of the best choices to take your furry pet friend with you on any journey. Now, you are able to have a secure and safe journey drive with your best partner. The sturdy design of our best dog car seat gives strong support to your pets. Sometimes pets try to crawl from seats resulting in the falling of pets. This car booster seat for dogs and cats ensures pet crawling and falling safety while driving.

7.      Doggy Life Jacket

Doggy Life Jacket

Our best doggy life jacket comprises premium-grade Polyester Oxford & Nylon Fabric, Pearl Cotton Foam, and mesh fabric. The oxford nylon fabric is riptide, and the mesh fiber allows sudden drying and proper drainage after swimming. The puppy float life vest has an adjustable belt and quick-release buckles to make your puppy fit comfortably. This makes it easy to put on and take off a dog life vest. The pet dog life jacket has a front float assist to keep the pet's head above water. The dog swim vest's reflective stripes and bright colors enhance the high visual inside water.

8.      Luxury Pet Bed

Luxury Pet Bed

Luxury dog beds raised rim is designed to invite your pet to curl up and get comfortable and relaxed. It provides premium head and neck support while upgrading feelings of comfort and security. This calming pet bed is light in weight and portable for the journey. You will be able to machine wash this pet bed, gently cycle this luxury bed.